Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 7

Thursday. 16th.

Saturday. 18th.

186 Friday 17th. CFA Friday 17th. CFA
Friday 17th.

Not a great deal of snow fell, but it was very windy and it laid in deep drifts. I went to the Office and was engaged much as usual. Diary and Accounts. Not much of interest. I did not walk nor did I turn my time to better account than if I had.

Home where I read a little more of Herodotus. I find the text easy enough with a little attention but not so easy as to enable me to read it with rapidity. Mr. Walsh dined and spent the afternoon with me. He seemed to enjoy his time, particularly in my library. But I myself did little or nothing excepting to correct a proof of my projected publication, and to write an article for the Advocate.

Evening, read Lamartine to my Wife and afterwards Chateaubriand. Both are interesting in their way. The first however by appearing in a greater style of externals by which the people of the East are much dazzled, secured more respect for himself. The other was alone and depended for support in many cases upon his energy. His account of his treatment of an Aga is however very amusing.