Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 7

Sunday 26th.

Tuesday. 28th.

Monday. 27th. CFA Monday. 27th. CFA
Monday. 27th.

Morning dark with rain which subsequently turned to snow. I went to the Office and was occupied much as usual. Despatched a considerable number of my Pamphlets of which the printer sent me several. I still find no remark made upon it so that my courage is nearly vanished. I requested the printer to send a copy to each of the Newspapers. Wrote up some of the arrears of my Diary and Accounts. Thus passed the morning.

Home where I read some of the Port Royal Greek grammar. Afternoon, reading Burnet and Forster. The account of the English Revolution is never uninteresting, let one read it ever so often. Burnet gives to the picture more life because he was himself an actor, and though this 194renders it absolutely necessary to take his statements with qualification, yet it enables one to arrive at substantial truth. Forster becomes more interesting as he leaves Brussels. His book was written in 1789, consequently about the very time of the French Revolution and he is a warm democrat. Evening at home. Read Lamartine, and Chateaubriand.