Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 7

Tuesday. 28th.

Thursday. March 2.

Wednesday. March 1. CFA


Wednesday. March 1. CFA
Wednesday. March 1.

An exceedingly cold day for so advanced a part of the season. I went to the Office rather late and was occupied much of my time in restoring the Arrears of Diary which I did not fully succeed in. Mr. Walsh came in and we talked politics. There has been a very amusing masterstroke played off upon the House in regard to a distribution of the surplus Revenue at the close of this year. It seems Mr. Bell appended it to the Fortification bill while passing through the House and carried a decided majority with him through the whole measure.1 This is a severe blow to Mr. Van Buren. Whether it will pass the Senate is still 195somewhat doubtful, and certain it is that General Jackson will make mouths at it. The manoeuvre is however a very able one, inasmuch as the fortification bill attached to it may be lost, and the odium of the loss of both may attach to the coming Administration. This, together with the appointments of Poinsett and Dallas will make rather a bad commencement. Then there is the secret feeling between Rives and Benton which will not be secret much longer.2 Walk with Mr. Walsh. Home. Port Royal Grammar. Burnet. Forster. Evening at home.


John Bell, representative from Tennessee, had moved an amendment to the appropriations bill for naval fortifications providing that any money in excess of $5,000,000 remaining in the Treasury on 1 Jan. 1838 be deposited with the several states. The amendment was adopted ( Congressional Globe , 24th Cong., 2d sess., p. 204, 208).


The disagreement between senators William Cabell Rives of Virginia and Thomas Hart Benton of Missouri was over banking and monetary policy ( DAB ).