Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 7

Friday. 3d.

Sunday. 5th.

Saturday. 4th. CFA


Saturday. 4th. CFA
Saturday. 4th.

A fine day although rather cool. I went to the Office and was occupied as usual. My time somewhat taken up however by Mr. Spear, who came in from Quincy with his usual variety of information. He informed me that Mr. Carr had taken a little offence at my strictness of investigation into title, and had concluded to decline the loan. I was not sorry for this at all. I offered the sum last Autumn entirely from a wish to accommodate and enable Mr. Carr to erect a House for himself, and therefore could be released from the burden only by his consent. Other matters we talked over but decided nothing. I could not get an opportunity to walk.


Home. Afternoon reading Burnet and Forster. My Wife was out and in the evening we paid a visit to Mr. and Mrs. Frothingham. Talk. Literary and pleasant. Home. Finished Chateaubriand’s Itineraire. A book more valuable in the beginning than the end.

This is the fourth of March. A new era begins in the Government of the Country which will probably vary considerably from the preceding ones, but whether for better or for worse remains yet to be tested.