Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 7

Sunday 12th.

Tuesday. 14th.

Monday. 13th. CFA


Monday. 13th. CFA
Monday. 13th.

Morning mild but rain and small snow. I went to the Office. My article upon the subject of the Collectorship appeared today,1 and is I hope the last thing of the kind, I shall be called upon to do. Occupied in writing up Arrears of Diary which have again accumulated very considerably. I appear to have a great deal of leisure and yet curiously enough, my Diary goes on with a sort of a jumping motion from week to week as if I was the busiest man alive. Nothing of particular interest. Mr. Beale called in about some money for Mrs. Adams which I paid him.

Home. The affairs at Washington are pretty much settled and the 204company dispersing. I wish I could not think that the appointment of Mr. Poinsett was a designed insult to the Antimasons. Be this as it may, at present I for one am completely neutralized. Homer. I make a little progress. Afternoon, Burnet and Forster whose observations upon Holland appear to me to be very interesting. Evening at home. My wife went to bed sick at an early hour, and I amused myself by reading Wraxall, whose Memoirs are quite curious.


CFA’s article, as revised, appeared in the Advocate, 13 March, p. 2, cols. 3–4, as an unsigned editorial.