Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 7

Tuesday. 21st.

Thursday. 23rd.

Wednesday 22d. CFA Wednesday 22d. CFA
Wednesday 22d.

Easterly dull drizzle. Office where I did not do much. Mr. Walsh came in and gave me some account of the meeting at Faneuil Hall last evening. It seems Mr. Hallett was entirely put down. He rallied but 210about three hundred whereas the Custom House carried six hundred and more. All his propositions were voted down and in short instead of a victory it was a defeat. I was somewhat amused at this result. Mr. Walsh himself appeared rather disgusted with the radicals whom before then he rather favoured. The truth is, their materials are fifth rate, and Mr. Hallett in using them looks to himself as a manager of instruments.

A. H. Everett afterwards came in and we talked it all over. He seems not sorry at this result. On the whole, he seems as uneasy under the attempted guidance of Mr. Hallett as I do. He resumed the subject of a Newspaper which I had broached to him, as T. K. Davis and I had talked it over. He seemed to favour the idea much. But I told him I doubted D’s courage. He said the best way would be to leave all matters for my father’s return and then consult.

Home. Homer. I read about forty lines a day. At this rate how long shall I be through the Iliad? Afternoon, Burnet and Plutarch. A great deal of wisdom in this Essay, I propose to translate. Evening at the play, the Belle’s Stratagem,1 a piece I never saw before. Letitia Hardy, Miss Tree and very well done, the other parts very indifferently supported. The piece itself has little merit. Home after the first Act of the Ransom. Read over the play and was struck with it’s poverty.


By Mrs. Hannah Parkhouse Cowley, 1780. The central role, that of Letitia Hardy, was essayed by almost every prominent actress for many years thereafter.