Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 7

Friday. 24th.

Sunday 26th.

Saturday. 25th. CFA


Saturday. 25th. CFA
Saturday. 25th.

A very beautiful day. I went to the Office early and attended to my Diary at once in order to prevent the omission which most frequently 212begins on Saturday. I then went out and attended an Auction Sale of Horses and Carriages for the purpose of supplying myself with a Chaise and Harness at a low price. My outlay for a house this year is so very considerable, that I cannot afford much of an equipage. I succeeded in purchasing both at very reasonable rates. This relieves my mind very much. I had feared being at a great cost about it. My morning was however consumed.

Home where instead of Homer I had an interruption in the shape of John Toohey, the gardener at Quincy of last year. After a long talk, I succeeded in making an arrangement with him upon rather more reasonable terms than last year. Afternoon, Burnet. Plutarch and Forster each for a limited time. I am more pleased with Plutarch as I go on. His anecdotical style is very interesting although none of those yet given in this Essay are new to me, the author having introduced them in his Lives.

Evening quiet at home for the first time for a great while. Read Moore’s Life of Byron which is amusing. Mr. Walsh came in for an hour after which I continued Wraxall.