Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 7

Wednesday. 29th.

Friday 31st.

215 Thursday 30th. CFA


Thursday 30th. CFA
Thursday 30th.

Cold but a clear day. I went to the Office as usual. The commercial distress is very great in this Country now and seems to be increasing. What is to be done? The political affairs seem to be in a very embroiled state. A. H. Everett came in and we had some talk, but he seems puzzled. Things threaten a merging of parties into one. The Legislature seems to be rushing headlong into Abolition. And Texas. What is to come of it? I felt so uncomfortably that I took a long walk, Mr. Walsh in company. My cold is severe and stomach out of order.

Home where I read Homer. Afternoon, Burnet, Plutarch and Forster. I think I will turn my attention more and more to Greek. It is amusement and occupation. I am aware that I throw away my powers upon too great a multiplicity of things, but what can I do to get rid of ennui? This is the monster of monsters. Evening, Moore until nine when we went to a ball at Mrs. B. D. Greeneā€™s. The first given in their new house. Every thing very pretty. But the Society of this place is to me ineffably stupid.