Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 7

Friday 31st.

Sunday 2d.

April 1837. Saturday. 1st. CFA


April 1837. Saturday. 1st. CFA
April 1837. Saturday. 1st.

A very heavy rain with Easterly wind. My cold oppressed me so much that at first I felt doubtful about going out, but finally concluded to do so but at the same time to decline dining with Governor Everett as by invitation. Office where I met A. H. Everett. Talk with him about sundries. Then Diary.

Mr. Ayer came in for some money to carry on his work and I made him a further payment. As we were talking a Mr. Robbins of the firm of Leighton and Robbins who had sold through Mr. Ayer some lumber to me upon which there was a balance in dispute, came in and we talked it over. He tricked me into advancing money without performing his part of the engagement which was a discount. He was very impertinent, and I had rather a trial of temper, but I subdued it and upon the whole felt some little cause for congratulation. This matter of temper is a study. Mr. Foster afterwards came in to receive some money on account of Mr. Angier and thus went the whole morning.

Home to read Homer. Afternoon, Burnet. But I was interrupted by Sayer, the Cabinet Maker with patterns, some of which I picked out and gave him orders. Evening quietly at home. Moore’s Life of Byron to my wife, after which read Thomson’s Castle of Indolence.1


On copies of James Thomson’s Works owned by Adamses, see vol. 1:112.