Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 7

Sunday. 9th.

Tuesday. 11th.

Monday. 10th. CFA


Monday. 10th. CFA
Monday. 10th.

Clouds and wind but not positively uncomfortable. I went to the Office after a general visit of the dunning sort to all the Tenants. Occupied in accounts which are rather voluminous at present. Mr. Walsh came in and I had a talk with him, then a walk. Nothing remarkable.

Home in season to read a little of Homer and in the afternoon Burnet with Plutarch and Agathon. Thus my time passes in a circle of literary pursuits. All of which I enjoy particularly the Greek in which I incline to make myself more of a proficient. To go back to literature as I have done somewhat of late from the heat and glare of political strife is refreshing. I incline again a little to the poetical for the sake of not stripping my mind entirely bare of foliage. Evening at Home. Moore and Wraxall.