Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 7

Tuesday. 11th.

Thursday 13th.

Wednesday 12th. CFA Wednesday 12th. CFA
Wednesday 12th.

Another fine day. I went to the Office. Mr. Conant from Weston with some rent. I was engaged somewhat in accounts. After examining the whole subject, I concluded to remit to Mr. Johnson again through S. Welles. I find my conjecture is right as to the substance of the letters to Mr. Shepherd so that my interposition was not out of time. I shall write but somewhat in a higher tone. The whole business of his property is a bore and I wish I could be released from it.

Called at the Athenaeum and went in to see some pictures offered there for sale. They are rather pretty but not of a very high style. Principally Dutch. Flowers, dead game, &ca., and not dear so that I was tempted but held off.

Home. Greek. I am going over and over Homer’s first book to perfect, and I think I improve. Afternoon, Plutarch and Agathon which is very amusing but somewhat of the slippery kind. Wieland appears to have been a sensualist in theory, although he is not supposed to have been particularly so in practice.

Evening, call at Mr. Frothingham’s where I galloped over literary history and books with him a good deal and thence to W. G. Brooks. A number of the family and from inexperience, rather stiffish. Home at ten and then Wraxall for half an hour.