Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 7

Friday. 20th i.e. 21st.

Sunday. 22d i.e. 23d.

Saturday. 21st [i.e. 22d]. CFA


Saturday. 21st [i.e. 22d]. CFA
Saturday. 21st i.e. 22d.

The day was tolerable although I think it cold for the season. I started from home early to keep an appointment with Deacon Spear who was to take some flower pots to Quincy for me. This done, to the Office. Engaged in drafting an Account current for my father during the last Quarter which should have been done some time ago. Mr. Ayer afterwards came in for some money on his work and I had much conversation with him upon the business of yesterday. I tried to explain to him my objections to his going on as he did without consulting me. He is sensitive and felt desirous of altering. I told him I was anxious to finish and therefore wished to inculcate nothing but the precedent. I wished always to be first consulted prior to any variation from the plan.

Home. A letter from my Mother to my Wife1 but no news of starting. Afternoon, I took my Wife to ride with the Horse I am trying, to Brookline and Jamaica Pond. The animal is certainly a fine one. After my return, I had time for Plutarch and a little of Agathon which be-229comes instructive. Evening, G. Gorham spent two hours with us. Wraxall.


19 April, Adams Papers.