Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 7

Monday 24th.

Wednesday 26th.

Tuesday 25th. CFA


Tuesday 25th. CFA
Tuesday 25th.

My wife is this day twenty nine years old. I remembered it in the little way which I like to do, by making to her a trifling present. Her health has not been so good as I would wish for some months, but I am now encouraged about it. Her children are almost too much for her.

Office. The commercial troubles go on increasing. I passed much of my morning in trying a horse that was offered to me. The one sent for trial last week is very good but rather too dear. This one is offered to me cheaper. I bought him at once, although I have doubts whether I am well suited. This is a business for which I am not well fitted. At any rate I cannot lose a great deal of money in the transaction.

Home and Homer. I have read over the first book three times and am now upon the second. Afternoon, Plutarch, and Agathon. Evening at home and reading Moore’s Life of Byron for the first time for ten days. After which Wraxall and Diary.