Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 7

Thursday 27th.

Saturday 29th.

Friday 28th. CFA Friday 28th. CFA
Friday 28th.

A lovely morning, the first which has announced to us the approach of Spring, and the day was fine throughout, a rare thing at this season of the year. I started very early from home to go to Quincy which I reached in a short time. My horse performing very well indeed. Found the masons had done no work since I was there. A very singular way of 233going on indeed. I no sooner get one set of men agoing than the other are off. The framers appeared to be working in earnest however. I hope they will be soon through with their work.

Returned to town by one o’clock and Home where I read Homer. Afternoon, reviewed the first part of the Essay of Plutarch and as an experiment to ascertain how much I recollected of my former Greek studies, took up Demosthenes on the crown. Surprised to find how I mastered it. Agathon, and in the evening, Moore’s Byron, and Wraxall.