Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 7

Thursday. 11th.

Saturday. 13th.

Friday. 12th. CFA


Friday. 12th. CFA
Friday. 12th.

Morning out with my children to enjoy the freshness of the morning air. It was fine and warm and they appeared to relish it. Then to the Office but I could not sit very quiet nor do much of any thing. The period is so exciting. The Banks in Boston this morning refused to pay specie for their Notes, and paid out only bills not their own. The credit gained during the War has not been sustained and we are now open to all the evils of a depreciated paper. Of course it is idle to complain for any sensible and observing man must have perceived this long ago. But it is fearful looking at the consequences which must open up from such a step. Today the Banks are careful but how long will they continue so? There is the rub. The barrier is now broken through and what strength can be derived from a mere line. Conversation with Mr. Walsh and Mr. Everett. The great object of interest now is the course of the President, and that of the United States Bank. They may yet save the Country.


Home. Greek. Afternoon, took my wife with me to Quincy. They are going on pretty rapidly with the work now. The framing is done and the men are gone. The mason and Mr. Ayer are now going on. I gave directions in a variety of ways and watched the work until it was time to return. Evening at home. Read Byron to my wife and afterwards writing.