Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 7

Sunday 14th.

Tuesday. 16th.

Monday. 15th. CFA Monday. 15th. CFA
Monday. 15th.

Morning cloudy with a cold Northerly rain and constant drizzle. Nevertheless my father determined upon going to Quincy and as I had engaged to meet the Surveyor and the Carpenter out there, he went with me. Most of my time was taken up in superintending the survey and this in an Easterly mist on damp earth which was no very pleasant affair. Returned home to dinner. Nothing material. The accounts from Washington are that the Bank of the Metropolis has undertaken to continue to pay specie. A curious exemplification of the system of the Administration.

Afternoon, I felt so fatigued that I was unable to do much in the way of work. I feel at this season of the year commonly, very much oppressed with drowsiness and today so much so that it seemed to 244render me almost unfit for any use. Read however some of Agathon. Evening, my Wife and I to see Mr. and Mrs. Frothingham. Found there Mr. Brooks. Conversation, principally turning upon present events and the law of currency which is now rapidly carrying out of circulation all the small money. Home late.