Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 7

Wednesday. 17th.

Friday. 19th.

Thursday. 18th. CFA


Thursday. 18th. CFA
Thursday. 18th.

Morning clear and pleasant, but the day ended as usual in rain. We have now an abundant quantity of this Article. I went to the Office where I attempted to write something upon the currency question but did not succeed. Conversation with Mr. Everett in which I gave him the message from my father, begging him not to commit himself to the Government upon this question. The rumor was of a proclamation of the President calling Congress together upon the 1st of September and of a suspension of all action for nonpayment of bonds until that time. This wants confirmation but seems to produce a great effect in tranquilizing already. Mr. Walsh came in for a little while.

Home, but I am unable to read Homer. Mrs. Angier and T. K. Davis dined here and after dinner the latter accompanied me to the Norfolk House, to pay a visit to Mrs. A. H. Everett, who appears very comfortably settled there. After a pleasant visit we started to go to Quincy, but it setting in to rain, and having reached Neponset Bridge at a moment when the raising of the draw caused a detention, I concluded to return home. We got back shortly after seven. I called for my Wife at Edward Brooks’. Conversation upon things in general and home.