Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 7

Friday. 19th.

Sunday. 21st.

Saturday 20th. CFA


Saturday 20th. CFA
Saturday 20th.

A fine day. I went to the Office but was not very active. Conversation with Mr. Everett and Mr. Walsh. The public questions appear now to be rather more easy. But Mr. Van Buren’s position looks more and more difficult. The attempt to sustain the Bank of the Metropolis has failed1 and Kendall’s Post Office rules are likely to share the same fate. Mr. Biddle has published a third letter to my father explaining his course in the late crisis.2 On the whole the letter is a sensible one, 247although it is not quite candid as to the effect of his own mistakes in his former letters. He slides over matters adroitly.

Went home early for the purpose of taking my Wife to Quincy. This being the day upon which we had fixed for going out. The children and women going in a Carriage beforehand. After dinner I went to the House, giving directions and superintending. They have been very much kept back by the rain. However there is manifest progress from time to time, and now that I am here I can direct. A. H. Everett came to see my father and talked until after tea. Nothing new however. Evening at home. Conversation.


The Bank of the Metropolis in Washington suspended payments (Daily Advertiser, 20 May, p. 2, col. 4).


Nicholas Biddle’s letter to JQA of 13 May was reprinted from the National Gazette in the Daily Advertiser, 18 May, p. 2, cols. 1–2.