Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 7

Sunday. 28th.

Tuesday. 30th.

Monday. 29th. CFA


Monday. 29th. CFA
Monday. 29th.

At last a perfectly bright, clear day, with wind at the North west and some promise of a continuance. The men began to put the shingles on the roof today and this once done, they will be able to go on with their work inside without much interruption from weather. I waited for Mr. Ayer who came at last and gave me an account of his loss as well as mine. Fortunately he is insured upon his tools which breaks the blow upon him, although he says he had stock and work amounting to about as much more than the insurance. My doors were taken out the day before, so that I lose only the shafts of the columns, and the fixtures for the folding doors &ca. Upon this I must congratulate myself.

Went over to the quarries and took a return from Dutton of both quarries worked by them. Then to Mr. Brigham’s where I settled for another canal Note. He says the payment of the Assessment is very slow and he fears some of the Shares must be advertised. Then to the Canal Wharf about materials, in getting which there appears to be no end.

Home late, and wrote for an hour. After dinner, took my Wife to ride, and to pay a visit to Mr. and Mrs. Seaver at their place. Found the house easily and them at home. It is quite a handsome place. But there is something about him I do not greatly admire. And I was glad 252to get home. We rode round by Milton Hill home. A beautiful ride. Evening at home. Tocqueville.