Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 7

Sunday 4th.

Tuesday. 6th.

Monday. 5th. CFA


Monday. 5th. CFA
Monday. 5th.

Morning clear and cold, the wind coming round to the Eastward. I was much engaged in superintending the different portions of my house. Met Martin the Stone cutter and gave him some directions for the finishing work. I hope soon to be done with orders for materials. It seems to me remarkable to observe how much of this has been consumed, and yet the house is small. Home after a walk to the Canal respecting my account. Could not settle it.

Read Homer but not much of any thing else. For curiosity looked into Anstey’s New Bath Guide,1 a poem which must have had it’s currency from some supposed satire of individuals giving a zest to a watering place, rather than from very particular merit. I was the more induced to read it from a variety of allusions to it in Byron’s letters. Afternoon, read Wieland. There are many strokes in the History of the Abderites which hit our times and even this nation.

Evening, my father, Miss Smith, my Wife and I went to see Mr. and Mrs. Lunt. We were pleasantly received and entertained. Mrs. Lunt is very much of a lady in her manners.


London, 1766.