Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 7

Thursday. 15th.

Saturday. 17th.

Friday. 16th. CFA Friday. 16th. CFA
Friday. 16th.

Morning fine but the wind soon after became easterly and chilled us. I went to town and was engaged much as usual. I devote all the time I have from a great number of commissions I always have to execute to the settlement of my general account for the year.

A. H. Everett came in for half an hour and we had an argument about the effect of Bank credits which amused me. He is a thorough loco foco which I am not. He is clinging to the skirts of the democracy with the hope that he shall be buoyed up. This is but poor nourishment and I will none of it. I have no fancy for the parties which divide the Republic and do not now care ever to have much to do with either.

I called over to see Mr. Brooks and there found Sidney whom I had not seen before. He looks well and seems in tolerable spirits. Home. Afternoon at the House where their progress is tolerably rapid, then reading Humboldt, a philosophical traveller who finds nothing barren. Evening, called with the rest of the family to see Mr. T. Greenleaf and his family. He seems declining. Conversation dull and return early. Wind cold and cloudy.