Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 7

Tuesday. 20th.

Thursday. 22d.

265 Wednesday. 21st. CFA


Wednesday. 21st. CFA
Wednesday. 21st.

I arose, having passed a very restless night, and not free from headach this morning. So much so that I thought my only relief was to be found in air and exercise. Accordingly I passed most of my morning upon the hill engaged in various little occupations which tended somewhat to remove the oppression I was suffering. Called at Mr. Brigham’s with whom I finished the business respecting the Canal and discussed the question of the glass, about which as yet he has received no answer. This is vexatious.

Home. Read Homer. Afternoon, went out and took a ride with my Wife round by the upper end of Milton, a delightful ride. On our arrival at home however we found Mr. and Mrs. Frothingham who had been waiting for us. This was not fortunate. Nobody was at home and my mother was yesterday taken ill and confined to her bed. They spent a little while at my House and were just going away when we got home. They staid to tea and were very pleasant. My father had gone to an Ordination and did not return until late. E. C. Adams spent the evening. It set in for a heavy rain through the night.