Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 7

Sunday. 25th.

Tuesday. 27th.

Monday. 26th. CFA


Monday. 26th. CFA
Monday. 26th.

A pleasant day with the same hazy atmosphere we had yesterday but quite warm. I went to town for the purpose of attending to my glass about which there has been so much difficulty. I procured a part but not the whole, and it took me much time to get that. Various commissions and attention to accounts took up the rest of my time. Returned.

Afternoon at my house, where I found them pretty actively at work. The masons have commenced the plaster work inside and the carpenters the covering outside, both which bring about results.

Finished reading Miss Martineau’s first volume. I do not think much of her judgment, or her powers. It appears to me that a great mistake has been committed in exalting her much. She writes very prettily and occasionally with much good sense. Upon the leading topic of her book, Slavery, she says much that is wise and more that is foolish. Evening, Mrs. Angier, E. C. Adams and Miss Miller were here.