Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 7

Friday. 30th.

Sunday. 2d.

July. 1837. Saturday. 1st. CFA


July. 1837. Saturday. 1st. CFA
July. 1837. Saturday. 1st.

This was a very hot day and bid fair to restore our season to it’s usual course. I remained at home all day with the exception of a visit to the hill to superintend as usual. I made no progress in reading except about sixty lines of the fifth book of the Iliad.

Sidney Brooks and his Wife came out and dined. They had promised us this visit since their return and I was pleased with their manners. She has much more ease and less affectation than formerly and he is 270much the same as formerly. They remained here until nearly sunset when they returned.

The day had been a fatiguing one. I felt somewhat exhausted from it and remained out to enjoy the cool evening breeze until late. Attention attracted to the Aurora Borealis which was very brilliant. It commenced in the North and East but gradually passed to the South where it displayed the rich crimson tinge though not to so great an extent as I have twice seen. The phenomenon called the merry dancers was also visible.1 On the whole a fine thing to observe.


The aurora borealis sometimes “assumes a waving appearance, and the streams of light are then called merry dancers” ( Webster, 2d edn.).