Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 7

Thursday 6th.

Saturday. 8th.

Friday. 7th. CFA


Friday. 7th. CFA
Friday. 7th.

The morning was quite pleasant, and I went to town. Time taken up much as usual. Called upon Mrs. Frothingham and from thence to my House and to the Office. A variety of small commissions cut time very much into nothing.

Engaged in Accounts and received a visit from Mr. Fuller1 with an account of the feeling of Abolitionists in favor of my father. He brought Miss Martineau’s book. He took occasion to inquire of me my opinions. I told him with great frankness what they were—said that I 275had published them in the Advocate and they had been very extensively republished in the Antimasonic and Abolition papers2—that while I entirely dissented from the Abolition views respecting the District of Columbia, I was yet clearly in favour of discussion, and would by no means give to the principle of Slavery any thing more than the toleration which the Constitution had granted. These are not views to suit parties, but I have outlived the desire of conciliating them.

Home. Afternoon called at Mrs. Adams’ where I transacted business and then to my own House where I got into a passion with Mr. Ayer for his obstinacy. Evening nothing remarkable. Mr. and Mrs. Quincy spent an hour.


Probably Timothy Fuller, on whom see vol. 4:65, 87.


“The Slavery Question Truly Stated”; see vol. 6:407.