Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 7

Wednesday. 12th.

Friday 14th.

Thursday 13th. CFA


Thursday 13th. CFA
Thursday 13th.

Morning clear but cool. I was occupied a good deal of my time at the house and also in some little matters of business. Called at the Quincy Stone Bank to pay the balance of a Note due there by my father in September, but they being unwilling to receive it beforehand, I transferred the debt to myself and propose to redeem my own debt at the Merchant’s Bank in Boston. This will answer just the same purpose.

Read sixty or seventy lines of the fifth book of the Iliad with facility. I think I am now by degrees fixing my claws into the Greek language. Afternoon, Wieland and the Abderites which I have not touched for some time.

Walk to Mr. Quincy’s over the fields to avoid the dust, but in doing that I got into a swamp just on the other side of the brook. I remembered all this only as it used to be in my grandfather’s day, but it has not improved in the interval. Nobody at Q’s but my Wife and Mrs. J. Adams. A little talk with music and then home—I, walking, the ladies riding by Mr. Quincy’s civility.