Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 7

Friday 14th.

Sunday. 16th.

Saturday. 15th. CFA


Saturday. 15th. CFA
Saturday. 15th.

Morning quite warm. I went to my house to superintend the making of the banks and Soon set to work myself and laboured for a couple of hours steadily. This may be of service physically but it is wonderful how little of it I can bear without a sense of great fatigue. As in this matter there was great need of direction and I thus consumed all the time excepting a very small portion devoted to studies. I now anxiously look forward to the termination of building, and I think it will be some time before I am caught in a similar trap. It interests me, it is true, but it worries me too much. I have much exceeded my original estimates in starting and what is worse I am even yet in doubt how far they will be carried. The finishing now goes on which is a great thing. Afternoon, 280read a little of Wieland and some of Humboldt but much of it at the house. There came on a violent shower of rain, the ladies and children being out, but they got home safe.