Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 7

Sunday. 16th.

Tuesday. 18th.

Monday 17th. CFA Monday 17th. CFA
Monday 17th.

A very charming summer’s day. I went up to my House and was delayed by the nonappearance of the workmen for some time and their not being prepared with a pattern for the cornices from which I might 281choose. Directed Kirk in his work which goes on steadily. Just before noon, the gentlemen at Mrs. Adams’ called with a proposition to my father and myself to bathe to which we assented and found the water extremely refreshing. Home where I was again called to go and make a selection, and did so, but had time for only about fifty lines of Homer before dinner. Afternoon somewhat fatigued so that I did little more than finish Wieland’s Abderites and a little of Humboldts New Spain. Evening at home.