Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 7

Wednesday. 19th.

Friday. 21st.

Thursday 20th. CFA


Thursday 20th. CFA
Thursday 20th.

A very pleasant summer’s day with air enough to keep the temperature down. I was at my house much of the morning superintending and directing the external work which is now going on rapidly to completion. And the second story is almost done also, the men being engaged in laying the floors.

At noon I went down to join my father and ride to Squantum, my Wife and Mary having gone first in a hired vehicle. It was a Quincy party such as we have had once or twice in former years.1 Mr. Miller and his family, Mr. Beale and his family, Mr. Lunt with his father and brother and their families, Mr. T. Greenleaf, his Wife and daughter, Mr. Wales of Boston and the lady he is engaged to, Dr. Woodward, J. H. Foster and J. Q. Adams. This made a large table. We had the usual dinner and much the usual entertainment. I was tired of it early and made a move to come home which succeeded.

Evening at home. The great want here is a want of cultivated society and this I am afraid is increasing throughout the country instead of diminishing.


The outing and dinner of “Quincy people” at Squantum differed from the annual dinner at that place of the Neponset Bridge Corporation’s directors (of which JQA was one) in that wives and children were included. The usual place for dining in Squantum was at the Old Squantum House. See vols. 3:276, 285; 6:195.