Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 7

Friday. 21st.

Sunday. 23d.

Saturday 22d. CFA Saturday 22d. CFA
Saturday 22d.

A clear pleasant day. I was engaged much as usual, indeed so regularly that it seems hardly worth while to repeat the notification of it here daily. After giving the directions as usual to Mr. Kirk who keeps at work very steadily forming the bank in front I went down and devoted myself with some fidelity to Homer, sixty lines of which is now my daily exercise, to Plutarch and to the Port Royal Grammar. I take more interest in my Greek studies daily and will I think master the language before long.

Having a little leisure time I took up a volume of the morals of Dionysius Cato,1 a small number of excellent maxims in not very perfect latin with a great accompaniment of commentary and disputation. After dinner, Sidney Brooks and his Wife with Mrs. Frothingham and Mrs. Everett came out and took tea, after which we had visits from Miss E. C. Adams, and Miss Miller who returned with the children from their party at Mrs. Adams’. Evening, Humboldt.


At MQA is JQA’s copy of Dionysius Cato, Disticha de moribus ad filium, [London?], 1735.