Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 7

Monday. 24th.

Wednesday. 26th.

285 Tuesday 25th. CFA Tuesday 25th. CFA
Tuesday 25th.

A fine day. I went to town, and first with Mr. Hayford to the House in Hancock Street to direct the repairs which should be made, then back when I was engaged in Accounts and one or two commissions.

There were accounts from Europe which excited some interest today, the account of the effect produced by the news of our general Suspension, of the difficulties of the house of Welles in Paris, and of the death of the King of England and the accession of the Queen, Victoria, a girl of eighteen years old.1 How Mr. Johnson will make out, I do not know.

Called upon Mr. Brooks for half an hour and had one or two visitors, then returned to Quincy. After dinner, at the house where they are slowly making progress. The upper story is nearly completed, and the masons are still hanging upon the parlours. I found Mr. Spear fitting in the last of the fence stone and directed Kirk to fill with earth. These are indications of my arriving at the end. Not much time to read. E. C. Adams and Miss Smith were here at tea and passed the evening. Afterwards, I copied for my father.


King William IV died on 20 June and was succeeded on the next day by Queen Victoria. Dispatches from Paris the same day carried news of the failure of the important house of Welles & Co. (Daily Advertiser, 26 and 27 July, p. 2, col. 1).