Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 7

Tuesday. August 1.

Thursday. 3d.

Wednesday. 2d. CFA


Wednesday. 2d. CFA
Wednesday. 2d.

My day was taken up much as usual. I laid out some work for the men at home and then went to my house with my boy John who amused the workmen there much with the number of his questions. It was very warm, but this day the Masons finished the inside walls of the house and nothing now remains but the finishing. They are slow about this.

Home where I read a long passage of Homer. I now find it so easy that I shall increase to a hundred lines. Also some of Humboldt which I continued in the afternoon and Lessing’s Laocoon. Evening to Mr. E. Miller’s where was a party of ladies, Mrs. Nicholson being singer. It was not very interesting and I returned home.