Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 7

Thursday. 3d.

Saturday. 5th.

Friday 4th. CFA Friday 4th. CFA
Friday 4th.

A fine cool Northwest wind this morning which gave us a clear sky and a very different temperature from any thing we have had for some days. I went to town, accompanied by my Wife, but my time was taken up in commissions about selecting carpets and so forth, that I did little. Accounts and a call upon Mr. Brooks. But I visited so many shops to see carpets that I got belated, and consequently determined to dine in town with Mr. Frothingham.

My wife who was to remain and return in the carriage, and whom I expected to find at dinner, went over to her sister Mrs. Everett’s. Nevertheless I had a very pleasant time and then returned home. The day 291being fine I came by way of Milton. The prettiest road imaginable I think. Had leisure to go up to my house which I have not visited for two days. The interest in it has ceased for the present, with the delay of the work. I am now more engaged in the grounds.

The carriage with the ladies returned in the evening before nine. I attempted to read the Preface to a new French novel given to me by Frothingham to read, but was too drowsy.