Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 7

Sunday. 6th.

Tuesday. 8th.

Monday 7th. CFA Monday 7th. CFA
Monday 7th.

I went to town this morning although it was not my usual day. The clouds came up rapidly and it was showery all day. I was very much occupied, first made a call at Mrs. Frothingham’s and from thence went to Sayer’s the cabinet makers. I saw my things and gave directions concerning them. Thence to my house where I was a little while and then to the Office, where I had barely time for my accounts.

Home. Afternoon rainy but I was nevertheless out most of the time superintending the setting of some fence posts round the lower part of the yard. To take proper care of a country place requires the constant attention of one person.

I procured today the second volume of Corisande de Mauléon and read some of it. Very French, very Romantic and as I perceive neces-293sarily to end badly, which is more than I bargain for in books I read for amusement.