Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 7

Monday. 14th.

Wednesday. 16th.

Tuesday. 15th. CFA


Tuesday. 15th. CFA
Tuesday. 15th.

My Wife requested me to drive to Mrs. Seaver’s, in order that she might be left there to spend the morning, but we met her just starting for town with her husband, and therefore went on to town. My time taken up in the same regular way, Accounts, and commissions. This left me little leisure for any thing else, called to see T. K. Davis twice but without success.

Returned to dinner. Afternoon as usual superintending Kirk whom I now keep busy upon the road, and at the house where they are endeavouring to finish this week, but I very much doubt whether they will 297effect it. There is yet much to be done and only about two months to do it in.

Evening, I finished the first volume of Simon le Borgne. The family sat down to a new German game of which however we did not entirely decypher the directions.