Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 7

Monday. 21st.

Wednesday 23d.

Tuesday 22d. CFA Tuesday 22d. CFA
Tuesday 22d.

A wet, drizzly morning. I went to town and was occupied much as usual. Accounts, and various commissions to perform. Called at the house and to see T. K. Davis whom I have hardly laid eyes upon this summer. Conversation with him upon a variety of topics. He seems in very good spirits. Call at Mr. Brooks where I saw Sidney come on again from New York. Nothing new. The Whigs are exulting very much at the result of the elections in the Western States and fired one hundred guns today upon it.1 This is rather a noisy way of rejoicing but I think they have some cause. Fortune has not for many years appeared so much with them. Home to dinner.

Afternoon at the house and road. The carpenters are putting the last finishing stroke to the edifice and it looks very neatly. I feel relieved at the end though I am now to face the bills. These together with the furniture run up. Sayer was here today and gave me such information respecting the cost of his articles that I must in self defence cease to employ him. I must consult economy. The sum will not fall short of double what I had proposed. Read a little and wrote a little. Jos. H. Adams here in the evening.


Congressional elections in Tennessee, Kentucky, and Indiana resulted in whig majorities (Daily Advertiser, 23 Aug., p. 2, col. 1).