Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 7

September 1837. Friday. 1st.

Sunday. 3rd.

Saturday 2d. CFA


Saturday 2d. CFA
Saturday 2d.

Town today instead of yesterday. My Wife went with me as far as her friend’s Mrs. Seaver’s who lives a little out of the straight road and I called for her again upon my return.

Engaged in Accounts. Saw A. H. Everett and Mr. Walsh. Talk politics—the public interest in the approaching meeting of Congress increases. The Rhode Island election having resulted so favourably to the opposition, the question now to be tested goes the length of the actual majority in the House of Representatives. Then come the currency difficulties. I had not much time for talking as I had to go out upon various little commissions. Then home.

Afternoon assorting books. My first article upon Texas appeared in the Quincy Patriot of today. I propose to follow these up more industriously than I did those upon the Currency. Indeed my vision upon that subject appears to have evaporated. I write now and then but the thread has been so often broken that I have lost the spirit and then comes the question where can I publish?

I visit my house twice a day, where there is however not much of interest at present. My man Kirk and a few painters being the only people now there. Plenty of work however for the former. Evening after Loto, I sat down and wrote upon Texas. Mr. DeWint who has been with us this week left on his return home this day.