Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 7

Monday 4th.

Wednesday 6th.

Tuesday 5th. CFA Tuesday 5th. CFA
Tuesday 5th.

I went to town. Very fine day. At the Office, engaged in accounts. Visits from Mr. Walsh and Mr. Whiting, my Mason. The latter bringing his Account after the return of the Surveyor, with which he was much dissatisfied. I thought it fair, but not high.

Call upon T. K. Davis to give him for Mr. Henry a copy of my father’s report upon Weights and Measures which he asked me for as long ago as at Josiah Quincy’s when we dined there. To my house also and to see Mr. Brooks with whom I had much talk.


Home. Afternoon at my house where they are engaged breaking the ground up round the house. I have been much troubled by the large masses of pudding stone which lie scattered about the single acre I have taken and which it is hard to move or to leave. Read a little of Humboldt. Evening at home, Loto, after which, writing.