Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 7

Thursday 7th.

Saturday. 9th.

Friday 8th. CFA


Friday 8th. CFA
Friday 8th.

My time was very much engrossed in directing the work upon my grounds which went on today pretty rapidly. The sodding was carried on which is now important to preserve the banks it has taken so much labour to form.

Received a letter at last from Mr. Johnson1 upon the subject of his affairs in answer to mine of the 13th of May. He has got rid of the concern of Welles & Co and is in good spirits.

The political accounts from Washington are that Mr. Polk is chosen Speaker by a majority of eight, but there are appearances of disorganisation which threaten the permanency of the Administration. We must now wait and see the result. Evening Loto with the children. Mr. Price Greenleaf and his sister called and spent an hour.


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