Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 7

Thursday 28th.

Saturday 30th.

Friday 29th. CFA


Friday 29th. CFA
Friday 29th.

The Easterly wind was sharp this morning as I rode into town. My time divided between the House where I went to see how matters were going on and the Office. Mr. Kauffer came about the painting and Mr. Ladd to settle his account with me. This with accounts kept me very tolerably busy. A. H. Everett came in also and talked a little while. He intimated that the Abolitionists were having a meeting or Convention at Worcester with the intention of nominating candidates for the State Offices, that there was a little leaning to Morton as against his brother which might affect the election. I told him I thought nothing would prevent that election this year by ten thousand majority and that the attempt to lean on Morton with the present feeling against the National Executive would be a mere trick without effect. He did not seem to join in this. Home. Afternoon at the House. There is very little time after dinner to do any thing now. Evening, writing until late.