Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 7

Monday 2d.

Wednesday. 4th.

Tuesday. 3d. CFA Tuesday. 3d. CFA
Tuesday. 3d.

Morning pleasant but cool. I went to town and found myself much enveloped in business. Obliged to call at the Athenaeum for books, then to go to the south part of the town for Dividends, then to my House and then to my office to keep Accounts, I had no great leisure to amuse myself in. Indeed as it was I was obliged to leave much undone by the arrival of the usual hour for departure.

Home. Afternoon passed in preparing for the last coating of gravel for my road at the House. This has been hastened by the notice of the departure of one of the men. The weather was growing cooler towards evening. At home where I made some progress in my laborious work. But I begin to feel very little confidence in the success of the labour. Read over much of Parry’s first voyage.1


CFA had borrowed from the Athenaeum and read during March and April 1831, William Edward Parry’s accounts of his four Polar voyages; see vol. 4:442.