Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 7

Tuesday 10th.

Thursday. 12th.

328 Wednesday. 11th. CFA


Wednesday. 11th. CFA
Wednesday. 11th.

A very mild, pleasant day and even warm. I passed some time upon my piece of work which goes on smoothly and then was busy in regulating the removal of some trees. Sir Henry Steuart is very learned upon the proper mode of transplanting trees,1 and I have no doubt that much of what he says is judicious but I never could persuade any of the men to follow his directions. They treat a tree pretty much as they do an unruly horse who must be subdued of his obstinacy by force. That they survive the process at all only proves the genial process of nature. I sometimes feel inclined to observe this process more narrowly but have not the time, nor the opportunity. In the evening Mr. Lunt called, and Mrs. T. B. Adams with Joseph. The party went at last yesterday. Continued the copying.


See entry for 26 July, above.