Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 7

Thursday. 12th.

Saturday 14th.

329 Friday 13th. CFA


Friday 13th. CFA
Friday 13th.

The rain prevented my going to town as I had intended. I improved the time in writing until it cleared away, when I went out notwithstanding the cold North wind which followed to superintend the placing of the trees and some other little improvements which I am making. Feeling as I do the necessity of paying attention as far as I can to economy, I do not employ so many hands as I otherwise should and leave the work to be very much done by one. This makes it rather tedious. However it is useful upon many Accounts. I pointed out some trees which were taken up just before sunset. There was an eclipse of the moon this evening total although I did not see it at that time. Evening, continued the labour which I am very rapidly bringing to a close. Mrs. Adams and Miss Smith were here.