Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 7

Friday 27th.

Sunday 29th.

Saturday 28th. CFA


Saturday 28th. CFA
Saturday 28th.

I went to town in the morning. Went to my house to attend to the preparations for returning. Found a man there who had come according to engagement. I packed up a case of books in order to lighten my study of the superfluity which oppresses it.

Office. Accounts and Mr. Brooks, who is urgent respecting the Thorndike business. I had not time enough however to finish any thing before returning to Quincy. After dinner, having concluded not to go into town myself, I determined however upon sending in my two younger children and their nurse, the baby having become better although still decidedly fractious.

There were some little details respecting the road and so forth which consumed the daylight, and in the evening I went up on a visit to Mrs. T. B. Adams whither the ladies had been to take tea. She herself leaves Quincy next week for a winter at Bangor. Nobody of all the great Summer family but Miss Louisa Smith and herself. Home in the Carriage at nine o’clock.