Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 7

Monday 30th.

Wednesday. November 1st.

337 Tuesday 31st. CFA


Tuesday 31st. CFA
Tuesday 31st.

A better day although still a high wind from the North. I walked up into the town for the purpose of paying off a few bills and then round by the Quarry occupied by Chadwick to get a return from him, which he promised on Saturday. Upon my return, I found the Dr., who pronounced my Mother’s case so decidedly better, that I determined to make the move this Afternoon. Accordingly, immediately after dinner I left in my Gig and my Wife was to follow accompanied by Mary in the Carriage. The arrangement was not useless as it saved her arriving to a cheerless house. Mary and her daughter Louisa returned at sunset. I was occupied in putting my study in order which needed it much. J. H. Adams called in the evening.