Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 7

Wednesday. November 1st.

Friday. 3d.

Thursday 2d. CFA Thursday 2d. CFA
Thursday 2d.

Fine day. I was engaged in various little matters proper to be arranged before departure and after hearing from Dr. Holbrook a report still favorable of my Mother’s. I returned to town in time for attending to some business before dinner. Nothing however of moment and I went home.

My first object must now be to project some regular system of occupation similar to that pursued in former winters, and if possible to resume the thread of my project of the Summer.

Afternoon principally taken up in copying up Letters in my Letter book and in bringing up my Arrears of Diary which have been somewhat swelling of late. I took it into my head to copy also a Draft of an old Memorial which was my first introduction to the knowledge of Mr. Hallet and his ambiguities.1


The editors have not identified the Memorial.