Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 7

Thursday. 16th.

Saturday 18th.

Friday 17th. CFA


Friday 17th. CFA
Friday 17th.

Mild morning but the streets are yet full of ice which prevented my being able to go to Quincy as I had intended. At the Office where I read Dr. Hare’s Pamphlet upon the Currency1 as I am now turning my attention towards that subject again.

The very chilly cold which every effort of mine experiences almost discourages me from attempting more, and yet I feel as if something might be contributed by me to correct public opinion upon the subject. Perhaps it is a dangerous undertaking, perhaps a foolish one. I read the speeches of Mr. Clay and Mr. Sergeant which are excellent as far as they go but do not touch the root of the evil. Who will dare to meddle with that?

Evening at home until nine and then to a party at Governor Everett’s to Mrs. Bell and the others. I did not feel much in spirits to go but consider it a duty to resist my feelings which are against Boston society. A small party at which I remained only a short time.


Robert Hare, Suggestions Respecting the Reformation of the Banking System, Phila., 1837.