Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 7

Monday. 11th.

Wednesday 13th.

Tuesday. 12th. CFA Tuesday. 12th. CFA
Tuesday. 12th.

Fine day. The snow has fallen very level and the country makes a very fine winter appearance. At Office, where I had visitors, first Mr. E. Whiting with the balance of his account, adjusted by me forthwith. There are now no more heavy accounts in connexion with that house, but it cannot be denied, it has imposed upon me a heavy temporary burden, made worse by the failure in my income. However, even with all this, I am so much better off than my neighbours that I must make no sort of complaint. Mr. Kirk and his Wife also came in, and with 361them I completed the payment of the summer’s wages and thus settled that affair.

The condition of our currency is such that I am glad at least to get released from any of my liabilities. No Summer could have disappointed me more in the command of my resources but it is over and I am nearly through. This consumed my time until my return, when I read Herodotus as usual. Afternoon reading Crantz. This appears to be a kind of compilation from the various works upon Greenland and put under the name of the principal author.

Miss H. Miller took tea and passed the evening with my Wife. I went to a ball and Supper at Mr. Eliot’s the Mayor’s. Quite a showy affair at which most of those who claim to be of good society were present. I renewed my acquaintance with almost every person I could, and thus managed to pass quite a pleasant evening. Home late, having been imprudent enough to drink a cup of strong coffee which kept me awake for hours.