Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 7

Thursday. 14th.

Saturday 16th.

Friday 15th. CFA


Friday 15th. CFA
Friday 15th.

Cold this morning. I went out at my usual hour and after a good deal of delay to set the machine of Mr. Appleton’s conveyances rolling, went to the Office.

Received a letter from Mr. Johnson1 at London in which he intimates some disapprobation of my remitting at so great a cost and informed me he is in funds for three months to come. I have since remitted enough for a couple of months more which will put him at his ease, and shall transmit an additional sum as soon as Exchange is quite down. Even yesterday I sent two more of the Treasury Notes.2

Mr. J. Adams Jr. came in from Quincy with his account for very necessary work done there upon the farm and I settled with him for it. Home where I read Herodotus. Afternoon skipped away in one or two almost fruitless investigations.

Evening at home. Miss Smith dined with us and I accompanied her home in the evening. Attempted to get a ticket for the Theatre to see Hamlet but could not succeed. At a party at Mrs. B. D. Greene’s, much pleasanter than usual and yet I could not for the life of me tell what made it so. Home late.


Not found.


CFA to T. B. Johnson, 14 Dec., LbC, Adams Papers.