Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 7

Thursday 28th.

Saturday 30th.

Friday 29th. CFA


Friday 29th. CFA
Friday 29th.

A lovely day. Our weather for a few days past is remarkable for this climate. I went to the Office where I was occupied for some time in making up packets of my pamphlet to send away.

The Newspapers appear determined not to relax in the manner they have been in the way of doing, and this of course makes my efforts far more difficult of success. I think it probable that I shall again fail in disseminating this my last effort in publishing. This is a little discouraging but however it may press upon me in moments, it shall not have the effect of permanently breaking my spirit. I will try something else which may succeed better.

Mr. Beebe called and made a settlement of interest upon the note. Short time for walk and for Herodotus. Afternoon, lounging over the secret Correspondance and giving Sayer directions about my book cases at Quincy. Evening, Lockhart, after which I went on with my work.